I am a teacher of IT and Computer Science (formerly a teacher of mathematics). I have been making web pages and websites since I was in school and enjoy being able to help people get a good presence on the internet.

I have relied on the use of templates, mainly with WordPress, whilst customising the code as needed. As I have been teaching the creation of websites at school, I’m more confident with delving into the HTML and CSS. It is for this reason that I moved away from using the Gantry framework to the Genesis framework, so that I could have more control over the design and code. After a few years the world of WordPress has moved on again, and continues to evolve. I’m now using Kadence for its speed and usability and am really enjoying creating websites that look good and function well.

I have been using WordPress since 2009. It is a very flexible Content Management System (CMS) that can cater to a variety of websites. If you are interested in creating a website or having a website created for you, please feel free to get in touch.